Case Study:CFLD


Founded in 1998, CFLD Foundation Co., Ltd. (CFLD) is a leading industrial operator in China. At the end of March 2016, the total asset of CFLD exceeded 186 billion Yuan. CFLD is dedicated to becoming a leader of industrial operator around the world and establishes a business model of new industrial city as its core product. Currently, the company's business map covers over 40 regions globally like Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Anhui, Indonesia, etc., dedicated in 12 major industries and forming nearly 100 region-level industrial clusters.
As a modern real estate company, CFLD has accelerated its global expansion strategy. A series of applications have been hosted in Singapore AWS for its employees in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, real-time data transmission between Beijing IDC and Singapore AWS is required to ensure real-time data synchronization. Considering unstable cross-border Internet condition, based on previous incorporate experience with AppEx Networks Corporation (AppEx), CFLD applied AppEx CloudWAN solution to improve its cross-border data transmission performance.


To meet CFLD’s requirement, AppEx provides SD-WAN solution. Beijing IDC accesses CloudWAN via dedicated line from IDC to CloudWAN POP in Beijing. AWS Singapore accesses CloudWAN through IPSec tunnel from AWS VPN gateway to CloudWAN POP in Singapore. Leveraged by the deployment, user traffic can be redirected to CloudWAN core network and delivered to the destination, implementing for fast data synchronization. Below is the logical topology of CloudWAN solution.
Figure 1 - CloudWAN Solution Logical Topology


 High-Quality: Compared with traditional VPN over Internet solution, end-to-end latency is dramatically reduced and packet loss is completely removed after applying CloudWAN solution, improving the performance of data synchronization between IDC (Beijing) and AWS (Singapore). Benefiting from it, the employees’ work efficiency is improved.
 Cost-Saving: Enterprise WAN cost was saved 40%, compared with tradition MPLS solution
 Easy to access: CloudWAN is easy for access from Cloud and on-premise customer site/IDC
 Fast and flexible deployment: Compared with traditional MPLS solution, CloudWAN solution can be delivered in the same day and solve the problem that the MPLS is unreachable to public cloud.

Lessons learned

When the people who are engaged are not professional enough, the communication should be as easy as possible, and the better the customer’s situation is understood before the implementation of the project.

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